October 23, 2021


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Some iPhone 13 preorders have already shipped ahead of launch day

What you need to know

  • Some iPhone 13 preorders have already shipped.
  • They will still likely get delivered on Friday when the iPhone 13 officially launches.

The iPhone 13’s have taken flight!

Preordered an iPhone 13? Yours might already be on the way!

As spotted by some preorder customers like 9to5Mac’s Chance Miller, some iPhone 13 preorders have already shipped. UPS is handling this particular preorder so, if your preorder is being taken care of by UPS, you might be able to find yours is on the way as well.

First iPhone 13 pre-orders have started shipping!

Preorders for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max went live on Friday, September 17 at 5:00 AM PDT. The new iPhones are set to go officially on sale this Friday, September 24.

While your iPhone 13 may have already shipped, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will get to your doorstep before Friday. While there are rare instances of one of Apple’s new devices making it to someone a little early, all are supposed to get there exactly on release day. So, while it’s fun to see an iPhone 13 that is already on the way, it is unlikely it will get to you before this coming Friday.

Outside of getting your iPhone 13 delivered to your home, customers can also choose to pick it up at their local Apple Store. That, of course, will also mean you will be waiting until Friday to get your new iPhone. Choosing pickup does also require you to reserve a time so make sure you get that preorder in as they tend to fill up quickly.

The last thing you can do is to show up on launch day at your local Apple Store in the hopes that they have the exact configuration you are looking for, but make sure your store is allowing for walk-ins before you drive over. You can find that out by checking your local store’s web page on the Apple website.

The iPad mini and iPad will also be launching on Friday, September 24 along with the new iPhones. The Apple Watch Series 7, which Apple also announced at its “California Streaming” event last week, is launching later this fall.

iPhone 13

$699 at Apple

All-new A15 Bionic processor, new cameras, and more