October 23, 2021


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I Have MORE to Say About Steam Deck – WAN Show August 6, 2021

I Have MORE to Say About Steam Deck - WAN Show August 6, 2021

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Podcast Download: https://anchor.fm/thewanshowpodcast/episodes/I-Have-MORE-to-Say-About-Steam-Deck—WAN-Show-August-6–2021-e15m5oi

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Timestamps (courtesy of NoKi1119)

[0:00] Chapters.
[1:35] Intro.
[2:10] Topic #1: Valve’s Steam Deck.
3:25 Steam Deck is a Linux PC.
5:49 Hardware specs.
10:41 The Deck’s screen.
17:26 Comments on LTT’s video.
22:53 Valve’s dedication.
29:39 Ergonomics, buttons and joystick.
37:31 Aggressive pricing.
[44:38] Topic #2: Apple scans devices for CSAM.
47:31 Issues with monitoring privacy.
49:07 Possible exploitation.
[51:38] Sponsors.
51:47 Freshbooks Accounting.
52:53 Ridge Wallet.
54:00 Squarespace Website Creator.
[54:56] Topic #3: Activision’s Blizzard.
55:14 Blizzard’s President resigns.
56:24 Shareholders are suing too.
[1:02:42] Topic #4: Do NOT buy from KWEST.
1:03:58 KWEST’s "reasons" for not shipping orders.
1:05:07 Fake FDA, links and phone number.
[1:05:41] LTTstore merch.
[1:08:22] Topic #5: New TPM hacked within 30 minutes.
[1:11:09] Topic #6: Corsair’s DDR5 modules needs cooling.
[1:14:45] Superchats.
[1:26:04] Wrapping up.
[1:26:22] Outro.