October 23, 2021


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AMD is NOT Ripping Off Intel – WAN Show April 30, 2021

AMD is NOT Ripping Off Intel - WAN Show April 30, 2021

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Podcast Download: https://anchor.fm/thewanshowpodcast/episodes/AMD-is-NOT-Ripping-Off-Intel—WAN-Show-April-30–2021-e105ra0

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Timestamps (Courtesy of Noah Love)
1:15 Intro
1:50 AMD is NOT Ripping Off Intel (BIG-little design)
10:55 Intel rumors Alder Lake
11:50 Cooler compatibility/ upcoming socket changes
14:40 Linus rant about "I had to suffer so you should too" and discussion of student loans and generational differences
20:10 Discussion on ability to (not) buy houses
26:50 First 390 Hertz monitor (OC)
33:00 Sponsors
33:10 Psych
33:50 NordVPN
34:50 Ridge Wallet
36:20 MSI MAG274QRF-QD
37:55 Let’s get (not) political; sweeping changes at Basecamp
53:35 Samsung event, cool new OLED
55:25 Nvidia 3050ti (is coming) in Galaxy Odyssey laptop
55:55 Next Apple Silicon chip has entered mass production (M2)
57:20 Game stuttering? Blame WINDOWS
58:10 Printers ruin everything: "Bonkers"
1:00:40 Apple vs Epic court hearings start Monday
1:00:55 Imessage was almost on Android & why iMessage isn’t the best
1:06:30 Don’t show your Android on Tinder
1:10:10 Superchats
1:10:20 Hybrid core Windows might be a mess
1:10:45 Hi Lia?
1:10:55 Digital protection of games? Yes
1:11:55 Inflation
1:12:10 Subsidiaries of education and educational spending
1:15:20 Cost of living up
1:15:25 Copying isn’t copying. Headlines don’t matter?
1:16:00 Kid’s book 2?
1:19:20 Verified gamers vs linus has been shot
1:20:00 Outtro