October 23, 2021


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Hispano Suiza plans 19 cars, but offers 1,904 customization options

Hispano Suiza Carmen

With its “Unique Tailormade Program,” Spanish hypercar producer Hispano Suiza claims it offers customers 1,904 ways to customize a Carmen, turning each vehicle into a unique work of art.

“The brand raises the concept of luxury to its maximum exponent, thus creating the concept of “Hyperlux,” which allows its discerning customers to create a totally custom-made car. In total, there are 1,904 different customization combinations, achieving unmatched differentiation.”

Note that Hispano Suiza plans to build only 19 of its Carmen cars.

Some of the customization options

“The Hispano Suiza Carmen is already a highly exclusive piece,” the company notes. 

“Carmen’s design inspiration is based on the Dubonnet Xenia from the 1930s, although the technology has nothing to do with that of the past, nor with that of any other car in the market today.”

The customization starts with the customer choosing among three models — Heritage, Sport and Elegance. 

“Based on these, each client will have the option of choosing different colors or materials for the interior and exterior of the vehicle, which will allow them to add a personal touch to the design and adapt it to their tastes,” the automaker points out. 

The color options are named after “the historic landmarks and milestones of the brand, such as Peralada Green, Swiss Red, Xenia Gray, Birkigt White or Begur Blue, among others.”

Seemingly every visible component can be customized, including exterior rear-view mirrors, and wheels and seat upholstery and floor mats.

“In total, there are 1,904 possible combinations, which practically prevents two identical Hispano Suiza Carmen from leaving the Barcelona factory.”

However, all 19 cars will roll out with more than 1,000 horsepower and 885 pound-feet of torque from the car’s four electric motors.

The Carmen, base price $1.997 million) is named for Carmen Mateu, granddaughter of Hispano Suiza founder Damian Mateu and mother of the reborn company’s president, Miguel Seque Mateu. The company was founded with engineering by Marc Birkigt and produced fine automobiles from 1904-1944. It was recently reborn.

Production of the cars is scheduled in 2022.

For additional information, visit the Hispano Suiza website.

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