October 23, 2021


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ARTnews in Brief: Anton Kern Gallery Now Represents Hein Koh—and More from April 26, 2021

Monday, April 26

Anton Kern Gallery Now Represents Hein Koh
Hein Koh, whose paintings, drawings, and sculptures often feature anthropomorphized foods, flowers, and other objects, has joined Anton Kern Gallery in New York. Koh often imbues her work with a quirky sense of humor, and her pieces have addressed feminism and selfhood. The artist has previously shown work at Rockefeller Center, Marvin Gardens, and other outfits.

Winners of 2021–2022 Rome Prize and Italian Fellowships Named
The American Academy in Rome has named the winners of the 2021–2022 Rome Prize and Italian Fellowships. The 35 American and 5 Italian artists and scholars being recognized will each receive a stipend, studio, and room and board at the Academy’s campus in Rome, beginning in September 2021. Among the artists who won are Firelei Báez, Autumn Knight, Eric N. Mack, Daniel Joseph Martinez, La Nietas de Nonó (Mapenzi Chibale Nonó and Mulowayi Iyaye Nonó), and William Villalongo. Additionally, Carol Mancusi-Ungaro, associate director for conservation and research at the Whitney Museum in New York, was awarded in the historic preservation and conservation category.

Casey Kaplan Now Represents Cindy Ji Hye Kim
Artist Cindy Ji Hye Kim, whose paintings often feature trompe l’oeil effects and draw on animation, medieval history, psychoanalytic theory, literature, and other sources of inspiration, has joined Casey Kaplan Gallery in New York. The artist has previously exhibited work at the MIT List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Various Small Fires in Seoul, the Kitchen in New York, and other venues. She will have her first solo exhibition with Casey Kaplan in 2022.

FotoFest Reveals Details for 19th Biennial
FotoFest has announced the dates, curators, and curatorial focus of the 19th edition of the photography biennial, which will take place in Houston, Texas, from September 24–November 6, 2022. The event will be curated by Amy Sadao, the former director of the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia; Steven Evans, executive director of FotoFest; and Max Fields, FotoFest associate curator and director of publishing. Its focus will be how contemporary image production and circulation influences global social and political movements. More than 100 Texas-based art spaces and commercial venues will participate in the event.

Ilana Savdie Joins Kohn Gallery
Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles now represents Ilana Savdie, who creates large-scale, vibrant paintings that blur the line between figuration and abstraction. The gallery will show new work by Savdie at Frieze New York in May, and the artist will have a solo exhibition with the enterprise in November.